Who we are

Onelink Recruitment Inc. is a Canadian boutique tech talents search & placement firm. We’re local Technical Recruiters that specialize in placing exceptional Software Engineers & Developers to seed funded start-ups to large size companies in the province of Ontario, with a focus on the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Kitchener-Waterloo regions.

Companies have used Onelink, to source, evaluate, and hire on-site and/or remote top engineering & development talents. Our team at Onelink Recruitment goes through a thorough intake process with both candidates and employers, to make sure there is a match from both ends. We go the extra mile to align the aspiration and goals of the candidate with the employer’s.

our GOAL

To be a reliable, high caliber, results-oriented, fun, and trusted tech talent search and placement firm that both technical candidates and employers go to. Our goal is to be not just another resource, but a partner you can depend and trust in the search process.

OUR values

Agility, Results, Diversity & Inclusion, Care, Fun, Relationship, Growth, & Success.

our team

Our team is passionate about our industry and what we do. We consistently meet with employers, candidates, key industry leaders, institutions, and associations. Our team really takes the time to get to know and understand the people, technology, and companies we deal with on a daily basis. The knowledge, trust, and relationship we build with our contacts is what makes us successful in making the right connections and fitting the right opportunities, from industry partners to candidates to employers.

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our recruitment process

Step 1- Understand employer needs, goals, & expectations

Step 2- Candidate search (Pipeline, Head Hunt, Network, Post…)

Step 3- Resume and/or professional profile screening

Step 4- Call w. candidates (understand needs, goals, & expectations)

Step 5- Face-to-face and/or on-line video interviewing
             *Deep dive interview regarding specific position/s

Step 6– Candidate & employer assessment
              *Make sure there is a potential match from both ends

Step 7– Candidate presentation to employer
              *Only qualified and deemed a good “fit” are put forward

Step 8- Employer (hiring team) interviews selected candidates 

Step 9– Background checks & final selection assistance (if required)
              *Make sure ALL parties involve are updated w. their status

Step 10– Continuous follow up after placement
                *Make sure all parties involve are satisfied!













“Our goal is to be not just another resource, but a partner you can depend and trust in the search process.”


our services

  • Technical Talent Search & Placements (Permanent & Contract) – Our team has access to the ideal permanent and project based technical talents to fit your organization. We connect with your targeted candidates on a daily basis. We have the tech talent pipelines to get the job done.
  • Contingency Recruiting Firm – Companies only pay when a candidate they hire is sourced and placed by us.
  • Head Hunting, Sourcing, Confidential Searches – We are proactive Technical Recruiters that already connect with your targeted technical candidates. We also often work on confidential searches with care. 
  • Our Guarantee – Companies only pay when a candidate they hire is sourced and placed by us. Our team guarantees results. We will find the ideal match for your open positions. In rare occasions where things don’t work out, we will replace the candidates at no extra cost. Connect with us to get more information on our Search & Placement Guarantee!
  • High Volume & Proactive Recruitment Project Management – We can take on high volume projects for employers requiring to fill 5+  existing or up-coming tech positions within a certain period of time. We will save you a lot of time, resources, and costs by letting our Technical Recruiters manage your recruitment projects. We will take care of the whole process (A-Z) for you. We will partner up with you to make sure we have the right plan in place, is within the approved budget, and is executed accordingly within the targeted timeframe. We can also build targeted candidate pipelines for future hiring requirements for your team. We’ll be here for you throughout the process to make sure we deliver you the talents you need to succeed now, or in the future.
  • Candidate Assessments & Background Checks – Onelink has the resources and screening process to identify and select the most talented technical candidates and employees. We can also check candidates’ background criminal, credit, references, education, etc.. 
  • Tech Talents Career Search Assistance (Candidate Coach) – We make sure to provide great care and service to our technical talents (candidates). We are trained to properly guide and represent you to make sure you are successful in landing your ideal targeted job. One of our focus is to make sure candidates are informed and have a positive experience through-out the recruitment process.

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