Are you looking to add new contract or permanent IT associates to your team? Whether it’s a confidential search or not – we can help! We make sure to partner up with your team and work collaboratively to get you the right candidates for your open positions asap.

The team of professional IT Recruitment Consultants at Onelink can manage the entire recruitment process from beginning to end, taking away the heavy workload and stress that’s usually involved in recruiting from our clients. Whether you are looking to fill a CTO, CIO, IT Director, Software Developer, Tester, Database Developer, Administrator, Designer, IT Support, Business or Systems Analyst, Technical Sales, QA Manager, IT Consultant, etc… Onelink Recruitment makes your search for top technical talents faster and easier.

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“Our goal is to be not just another resource, but a partner you can depend and trust in the search process”

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It’s What We Specialize In: Our direct recruiting and networking techniques give us access to highly qualified IT candidates that are not readily available to our clients. The majority of our clients fill technical positions requiring the same skills and experience possessed by the talents we represent. Our expertise in direct recruiting, networking, behavioural assessment, in-depth interviews, on-line skill assessments, 2-level reference checking and background check options (for criminal, credit, education, etc.) make our services advantageous to our clients. 

Connect You, To Top Qualified IT Candidates That “Fit”: A company’s ability to remain competitive rests almost exclusively in the hands and hearts of its staff. That’s why finding the right candidate that fit functionally and culturally is important. You want a person with the right experience and technical skill sets, someone who can get the job done right, and someone who “clicks” with you and your colleagues – we’ll connect you to these KEY targeted IT professionals!

No Cost to Interview “Top Candidates”: There are no costs to compare our top candidates from the expanded candidate pool. We suggest that the employer interviews our candidates to view the differences from the ones they’ve previously interviewed.

Save You Time: We save our clients a lot of time spent on advertising and/or networking, responding to inquiries, screening resumes, interviewing, and following up with candidates. Our team assumes all these responsibilities. We will not waste your time. Only carefully selected candidates that have already gone through our extensive screening process and deemed a good fit both functionally and culturally will be presented to you for consideration.

Recruitment Costs Savings: Advertising for your open positions can be very expensive; it’s costly to post your job opening in one or more of the job boards; not guaranteeing you get the candidates you’re looking for. Our proactive recruiters will take care of all the recruiting, skill evaluation, and candidate background check costs associated with filling your open positions.

Save You Administrative Work: Our team can take care of all the administrative work required in recruiting and hiring your next employees. Our core competency of identifying talent allows our clients to continue to focus and be productive in their core competencies, enabling them to maintain their competitive edge.

Receive On-going Excellent Customer Service: Our total commitment to customer satisfaction makes us the best in the IT recruitment and staffing industry. We make sure we’re attentive to our client’s needs at all times, and go above and beyond in fulfilling them.

Search & Placement Guarantee: We want to make sure our clients are happy, satisfied, and stress free throughout the recruitment and after placement process. In the unlikely event the selected (hired) candidate/s don’t work out we will search & replace the candidate/s at no extra cost to our clients. Please contact us to get more information on our services and guarantee.


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